Healthy School

We aim to establish a healthy school where teachers and students are encouraged to take care of their physical and mental health. Through a series of workshops and school-wide activities, this message is conveyed from students to families, the community, society, and the entire world, thereby fostering a positive attitude towards life.

Promotion of Healthy Lunch Lunch Policy

  • Two canteens are located on the Ground Floor for teachers and students to enjoy nutritious lunches.
  • In these canteens, students from S1 to S3 enjoy hot lunch prepared by the tuck shop provider or lunch brought from home. Students from S4 to S6 are allowed to eat outside of school.
  • The LOVE platform in the Tuck Shop provides a venue for students to perform during lunch time to build up their self-confidence.
  • Parents are also welcome to send lunch for their children before 12:00 noon. Parents are required to apply for a meal delivery permit in advance.

Promotion of Health on Campus

During the school term, we organize activities to strengthen students awareness of health.

  • School-wide Organ Donation Lecture

Target participants:              All students
Target service group:          All secondary and primary schools in Hong Kong
Name of scheme:                 Organ Donation Lecture
In conjunction with:             Hong Kong Organ Transplant Foundation
The lecture content includes basic knowledge of organ donation, misconceptions about organ donation, Hong Kong's current system and situation, systems and cultures in other countries, case studies, and news sharing. Organizing special lectures not only imparts knowledge but also deepens our understanding of the public's misconceptions and concerns about organ donation. They help promote a positive attitude and foster a culture of organ donation.

  • School-wide Student Health Service

Target participants:  All students ranging from S1 to S6.
In conjunction with:  The Department of Health

  • Sex Education Lecture

Target participants:  S2 to S3 students   
Name of scheme:     Sex Education Lecture
In conjunction with: The Family Planning Association of Hong Kong

The lecture aims to teach sexual knowledge, inspire audiences to reflect on personal values and sexual attitudes. Besides, it also helps develop independent thinking and analytical skills.