Life Mentor Programme

Form 1 Implementing “The Life Mentor Programme"

By the grace of Lord, Ching Chung has extended an invitation to the Great Wall Education Foundation to serve in the capacity of a consultant to collaborate with Malkoshe Church on the launch of the "Life Mentor Programme" and the "Teen Fire Project" in 2022. 

This year, local churches including Tin Shui Wai Peace Evangelical Centre, Yuen Long Peace Evangelical Centre, and Fairview Park Alliance Church etc. are invited to become our partners of the S2 "Life Mentor Programme" and serve as volunteer mentors.

The "Life Mentor Programme" was designed with the support of evangelical groups with the overarching goal of fostering a more fruitful interaction between local churches and schools. An effective cooperation between them comprises of the following three components:

1. Experiential Bible Class : 

The curriculum for Religious Studies is being revised by incorporating volunteer work from local churches into the learning experience. Then, based on students' developmental needs, it encourages them to comprehend and implement biblical principles through experiential learning so that it will develop good values and attitudes in the students' lives.

2. Mentorship Programme : 

We are appreciative of the church volunteers who spend time in the Religious Studies classroom working with students one-on-one or in small groups. It is open to exploring their beliefs as well as building connections with them in order to become their "life mentor." Through the use of small groups or Saturday youth programs, it offers intensive pastoral care and discipleship with the goal of having a lasting influence on people's lives. Students are more inclined to seek the direction and assistance from their elders on various aspects of life when they are under the tutelage of Life Mentors, which ultimately leads to a more positive way of living.

3. Secondary School Adaptation Course (Youth Program) :

It gives Form 1 students the courage to confront scholastic obstacles and the initial opportunity to find their potential and interests by providing them with Saturday tutorials and interest courses that are taught by volunteers from the local church. The Teen Fire Fellowship serves as a forum for the dissemination of truth. Students are able to have a personal encounter with God via the fellowship life, and they get an understanding of where wisdom comes from. By assisting our children in the first year of secondary school in participating in the Teen Fire program, we are able to assist them in establishing healthy spiritual and church attendance habits, bolstering their faith, receiving training, and enhancing their overall development process.


In this generation that is always evolving, it is our sincere desire that this programme will shield the younger generation and prepare them well to become the future successors and make valuable contributions to society.