School Profile

School Information

District Yuen Long
School Type Direct Subsidy Scheme
Gender of Students Boys and Girls
School Size Around 8000 sq.m
Sponsoring Body Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong
Religion Protestantism / Christianity
Year of Commencement of Operation 1962
School Motto Love one another and Worship our Lord
Direct public transportation to School (Yuen Long) K73 / (Tuen Mun Ferry Pier) A73 / (Kowloon Side) 265B, 269B, 269C / (Hong Kong Island) 969, 967.

Class Structure

Junior Forms

  No. of classes
S1 5
S2 5
S3 5

Senior Forms

  No. of classes
S4 5
S5 5
S6 5

School Facilities

To provide the best access to the worldwide knowledge base of the Internet, CYMCASS has invested an elaborate networking system with the most up-to-date technological support. The CYMCASS campus is covered with broadband and Wi-Fi service, and a computer, projector, television set and netbooks are installed in all classrooms. Apart from regular classrooms, special rooms such as Drama Centre, Chinese Culture Centre, Visual Arts Room, IT Music Room, Recording Room, Home Economics Room, Gymnasium, STEM Room, Conference Hall, and School Hall, with a seating capacity of over one thousand, can also be found at our seven-storey campus.