Career Development and Life Planning

Our school collaborates with Chinese Y.M.C.A. of Hong Kong (Life Planning Section) to offer our school-based life planning programme, which aims at fostering students' self-understanding, personal planning and goal setting abilities. Through various career exploration opportunities, including workplace / tertiary institute visits, career talks, Chinese New Year Fairs, mock interview workshops, career / personality tests, and summer internship programmes, students are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude to make well-informed and wise choices in accordance with their own interests, abilities and orientations.




Target activities



  • “Self-understanding” Workshop
  • Design Thinking Leadership Scheme
  • Develop students’ Individual Life Planning Portfolio


Discovery of self-identity

  • “My dream” Workshop (YMCA)
  • Working Experience Day (YMCA)
  • Design Thinking Leadership Scheme


Identification of directions

  • S3 TASTE Program 
  • Adventure Camp (YMCA)
  • Design Thinking Leadership Scheme


Exploration of workplaces

  • Career Experience Visits and Seminars
  • “Let me fly” Internship Scheme
  • ICAC leadership programme
  • Personality Workshop


Revision of individual goals

  • Career Visits and Seminars
  • “Let me fly” Internship Scheme(YMCA)
  • University Visits
  • ICAC leadership programme
  • Project Action (PE elective students)
  • Individual / Group Career Counselling


Take concrete actions

  • Project Action (PE elective students)
  • Interview skills Workshop
  • Mock DSE Results Release
  • Individual / Group Career Counselling



Adventure Day Camp

Date:           03-10-2022
Target:         S3 students
Content:       Through a series of challenges and reviews, students can learn from experience and apply the relevant knowledge to their daily lives, as well as cultivating students’ positive self-image, self-confidence and communication skills



Visit to the ICAC Building

Date:           03-10-2022
Target:         S4 students
Content:       Through visiting the ICAC Building, students can enhance their understanding towards the anti-corruption work of the ICAC and to cultivate students’ positive values.



Project Action

Date:           03-12-2022
Target:         S5 and S6 PEX students
Content:       Through a series of sports training, career sharing and communication skills training, it help students gain a deeper understanding the career prospect in sports.



Interview skills workshop

Date:           13-12-2022
Target:         S6 students
Content:       To boost students’ confidence and prepared for admission interviews, sharing of interview skills and mock interviews of tertiary institutes were arranged to S6 students. 



Career Seminars

Date:           21-02-2023
Target:         S5 students
Content:       To understand the emerging industries in Hong Kong and strengthen students’ understanding on the routine of various industries.



Life Planning Workshop

Period:        February – August 2023
Target:         S4 and S5 students
Content:       Through exploring the “I am... APP”, it helps students’ to better understand themselves and career opportunities. By fulfilling life planning-related tasks, it helps students to explore their multi-pathways and get themselves prepared for their career goals.  



“Self-understanding” Workshop

Date:           07-03-2023
Target:         S1 students
Content:       To help S1 students understand their values, ability and skills via personality tests and help students to develop their career objectives



Mock DSE Results Release

Date:           07-03-2023
Target:         S6 students
Content:       It aims at helping S6 students understand the procedures of further studies and to enable them to make informed choices.



Career Preparatory Courses

Period:        July – August 2023
Target:         S3-5 students
Content:       Through lectures, visits and workshops, students can strengthen their understanding of a specific industry, including hotel management, catering, tourism, nursing,  pet grooming, coffee brewing, animation design and etc.



“Let Me Fly” Summer Internship Programme

Period:        July – August
Target:         S4 and S5 students
Content:       Mock interviews and internship opportunities are offered to participating students.



Design Thinking Leadership Scheme

Period:        Whole-year
Target:         S1-3 students
Content:       To encourage students’ life planning, develop their saving habit and to develop students’ positive attitude, preseverance and social networking.