Crisis Management Guidelines

The Safety & Crisis Management Committee has been set up, headed by the Principal and consisting of the 2 Assistant Principals and a team of experienced teachers to cope with a crisis with the following objectives.

  • ensure the immediate safety of all students and staff
  • re-establish stability of school routine as quickly as possible
  • organize the dissemination of information to eliminate the spread of rumour
  • be aware of secondary reactions and identify at-risk students for necessary intervention
  • provide effective counselling and mitigate post-incident delayed reactions
  • enhance students’ personal growth through effective coping with the crisis


Crisie Response Flow Chart


In case of a crisis, an urgent meeting will be called to provide details of the incident. This team will also promptly address the problem to students, school personnel and parents, by making announcements and conducting special class periods. Special attention will be paid to those closely related to the specific incident.

Depending on the seriousness of the situation, the School Supervisor will be notified. Another objective is to maintain the stability and safety of the school. An organized response for various parties must also be worked out. Where the media is involved, news release will be distributed through the Crisis Management Committee of the Head Office of YMCA.

Reaction of all will be closely monitored. The School Social Worker and Guidance Teacher will provide counselling and support to those in need. Should it be necessary, we will solicit the support and advice of the Head Office of YMCA.

It is imperative that a phone tree be set up at the beginning of a school year for effective communication with people affected by a crisis (e.g. students, families and staff).This should include all staff who will be responsible for contacting students or staff in the crisis.