In-house Open Class Scheme

In-house Open Class Scheme

We continue to operate the In-house Open Class Scheme in the Academic Year 2023-2024 to promote the collaborative culture and establish a mutual learning community among our teachers.


In the Open Class, teachers pay visits to classrooms of different subjects. This encourages teachers to grow through continuous learning from their colleagues, sharing sophisticated teaching ideas and strategies, and working collaboratively over the years of their teaching careers. Open Class also provides teachers a platform to stand out, showing their practical teaching pedagogies in classrooms. It effectively motivates our teaching staff to keep moving for better teaching.


Each Open Class Lesson is composed of three sessions.

Pre-lesson Briefing – a briefing session for the host teachers to introduce their classes' background, nature and learning mode and share their expectations in the lesson observation activities.

Lesson Observation is a one-hour observation for teachers to immerse in a fruitful, meaningful lesson. 

Post-lesson Sharing – a sharing session in which the participating teachers and host teachers sit together to exchange their observations and learn from the activities. Applicable teaching practices and future teaching methods are discussed in this session.

All Teachers are welcome to take part in the scheme. The scheme also serves as an international training session and a part of the school-based CPD activity.