Kabaddi Workshop (1/2/2024)


Kabaddi Workshop(卡巴迪體驗活動)

Kabaddi is a sport popular in South Asian countries, which include Nepal, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. It has been an official event in the Asian Games since 1990. It is an international sport. Features Kabaddi is a team sport and tagging game. It does not require any instruments except the basics, such as mattresses. It is suitable for all age groups. Through this sport, participants can: train their stamina, power, and agility, develop their team spirit through cooperation and strategies, and enhance their intercultural knowledge through cooperating with South Asians, and thus help to promote cultural and ethnic integration. 

Rules of the Game  
01. The game is played by two teams with seven members each.   
02. The teams are separated by a line in the centre of the court. Each team sends one person, the raider, across the line in turn, to tag members of the opposition, the defenders.   
03. As the raiders cross the line, they must keep saying the word “Kabbadi, kabbadi…” continuously. The raid lasts for 30 seconds. 
04. If the raider succeeds to touch the defenders and returns across the central line, the raiders’ team gets points; the tagged defenders will be eliminated. 
05. If the raider is captured, the defenders’ team gets points; the raider will be eliminated. 
06. About the score, the opposite team will get one point when one team member is eliminated.


Kabaddi Workshop

Kabaddi Workshop