Healthy School

We aim to run a healthy school. Teachers and students are encouraged to take care of their physical and mental health. Through a series and workshops and school-wide activities, this information is passed from students to families, the community, the society and the entire world, thus establishing a positive attitude towards life.

Promotion of Healthy Lunch – Lunch Policy

  • Two canteens are located on the Ground Floor for teachers and students to enjoy nutritious lunches.
  • In these canteens, students of S1 – S4 enjoy hot lunch prepared by the Tuck Shop provider or lunch brought from home. Students of S5 and S6 are allowed to eat outside of school.
  • The “LOVE” platform in the Tuck Shop provides a venue for students to perform during lunch time to build up their self-confidence.
  • Parents are also welcome to send lunch for their children before 12:00 noon.

Promotion of Health on Campus

During the school term, we organize activities to strengthen students’ awareness of health.

  • Mental Health Scheme (a two-year territory-wide scheme on mental health)

Target participants    :    Mental health ambassadors – S4 students taking Health Management and Social Care
Target service group    :    Parents, students and teachers of the school and inhabitants in the community who have recovered from mental illness
Name of scheme    :    “Operation TEEN”
In conjunction with    :    Kwai Chung Hospital, New Life Church of Christ and Jardine Matheson Group
Contents    :    Promote mental health volunteer service in the community, ambassadors to support equality and anti-discrimination in school, workshops on mental health, game booths and visits to psychiatric wards in hospitals

  • Talents in Volunteer Service

Target participants    :    Whole school
Target service group    :    Elderly and underprivileged
Name of scheme    :    Talents in Volunteer Service (extended learning activity)
In conjunction with    :    Office of Tin Yuet Estate in Tin Shui Wai or other non-government organizations
Contents    :    Through communication skills taught in 8 workshops, students learn to care more about their neighbours. At least 6 visits will follow to put their community spirit into practice.


  • Student Health Service – All students join the Student Health Service provided by the Department of Health


  • Workshops on Sex Education

Target participants    :    S3 students
Name of scheme    :    Health Service Programme for Adolescents
In conjunction with    :    Department of Health (nurses and social workers)
Contents    :    4 sessions (120 minutes in total) – understanding the relation between sex and love, learning to deal with sexual impulses and the methods of contraception and their limitations