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Principal Cheung

1st September 2022

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to the new school year! The summer holiday has ended. It is hoped that it was fruitful and productive to you.

CYMCASS is always on the move although we are still in the epidemic. We have plans for this school year to continuously let teachers, students and parents participate more in school activities so as to make the school an organic body to keep growing under a safe, protective and desirable environment with the quality Christian education. As usual, I would love to keep meeting staff and students at the school gate and greet them every morning to create a warm and supportive campus. We hope that students attend school with a great sense of belonging.

For the School Development Plan, we will put our emphasis on student’s learning effectiveness. There will be new but practical policies to help students focus on their study and make them own the responsibility of it. It is always believed that ownership is a key to make one devoted to the matter and do it with persistence and endeavor. We will provide students with assistance to help them set their learning goals based on the P.I.E. (Plan, Implementation and Evaluation) concept. We hope that CYMCASS students are not only known for athletic development but also academic achievement. For the current HKDSE results, the general performance has been improved significantly, particularly at the English Language. The rate of attaining Level 5 or 5* in English Language is encouraging. It reflects that our internal policies for helping students target their learning has its effective outcome. With the constant and great support from our School Management Committee, we will allocate more resources in Chinese Language, Mathematics and other elective subjects in New Senior Secondary to provide students and teachers with assistance to make learning and teaching take place productively.

In addition, we will promote a positive value education. To any stakeholders, it does not only sound pertinently to receive positive messages and encouraging stories for supporting emotional needs, but also it is practical to build and shape one’s characters with perseverance, patience and resilience. We treasure interpersonal relationships specially, appreciating those who value our school as the place of helping the next generation to think critically, learn diligently, seek truthfully and act sensibly. I will not only be working with students and teachers but also parents. As parents, you also play an indispensable role in our team. You are your child’s first teacher and I value working with you as we continue to help your child be successful in the areas of educational, religious and social development. You and I will be communicating often as we work together throughout this school year. Indeed, we share the common ground that is to guide our children to walk on the right path with good values and life attitude. Please read the monthly Principal’s Words and regular school announcement to help you update with the information about the development of the school.

We hope that our CYMCASS students find their school life joyful, meaningful and treasurable. We look forward to seeing students spread their wings and do great things. Have a pleasant and great new school year!

‘But from everlasting to everlasting the LORD’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children’ (Psalm 103:17)



Principal Cheung Fu Wah Frederick
Chinese Y.M.C.A. Secondary School