Chinese Culture Days (6/2-7/2)


Chinese Culture Day 2024

"With the sound of firecrackers bidding farewell to the old year, we joyfully welcome the Year of the Dragon. On 6th and 7th February 2024, we held the 'Chinese Culture Day' for two consecutive days, allowing students to experience more knowledge of Chinese culture
through booth games, workshops, Cantonese opera demonstrations, and traditional face-changing performances. This event aimed to enhance national identity and promote community care for the elderly. It was the first time we organised booth activities after the pandemic, meticulously designed and arranged by S2 & S3 students. They also created cultural games related to 'Descendants of the Dragon,' showcasing their creativity. In addition, the Student Union, Parent-Teacher Association, Church, and library provided strong support. Alumni Mr. Lau Chuan Yi spared no effort to come back to our alma mater, incorporating idiom learning into the “Floor Curling” experience, making it even more unique. We are grateful for the participation of teachers, students, and various organizations, making the event a joyful and festive occasion on the school campus. As a new year begins, everything is refreshed. We wish Ching Chong greater achievements in the coming year, with students' horizons broadened and a deeper appreciation for the excellence of the Chinese nation."